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Managing continuing stress, preventing burnout

May 2022 | Host: Mark Aitken | Guest: Rob Gordon | Duration: 60:03

Message from NMHPV CEO

I am delighted to present our latest webinar, ‘Managing continuing stress, preventing burnout’.

We again turned to Dr Rob Gordon for his expertise and guidance after the overwhelmingly positive response we received to his 2020 webinar, ‘Managing our stress response and understanding trauma through COVID-19’. When released, we never imagined the pandemic would continue to have such a profound impact on the lives of Victorian nurses and midwives so significantly in 2022.

Our team has continued to respond to, and support, hundreds of nurses, midwives and students who have endured unrelenting pressure, stress and anxiety through the pandemic. Many have presented with signs of burnout and trauma.

This webinar includes a simple, straight-forward outline of what is taking place for our colleagues in these circumstances and provides guidance on what to do in the best interests of the individual and those around them.

Whilst Rob is clear this pandemic will have an enduring impact on our nursing and midwifery colleagues he also gives us hope that we can live healthy lives by taking affirmative steps to managing our health.

We are very pleased to present this webinar, encourage you to share it with your colleagues, family and friends and hope you benefit from the information provided.

If this webinar raises issues for you and you need support, please call us on 9415 7551 from 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday or email: admin@nmhp.org.au

Alternatively, Nurse & Midwife Support is available 24/7 Australia-wide on 1800 667 877.

Webinar Episode 3: Healthy Discussions

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