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How to Practice Mindful Nursing

Do you ever feel panic at the end of a long weekend or vacation, wondering where the time went?

Do your days, weeks, and months blend into one another, each day bringing you more of the same?

At work, you move through a series of tasks so that patient care runs smoothly – you assess your patients, change drips, review test results.

However, you may be on autopilot the entire time, lost in doing and unaware of the present in which you are being.

Perhaps you have spent entire shifts in doing mode and missed out on connecting with yourself and your patients?

That’s not to say that doing is a bad place to be. On the contrary, doing mode is an important part of everyday life – it helps you plan your day, finish the tasks you started, and pay attention to detail. In the same way, doing mode helps you manage your daily routine from driving in traffic to shopping for dinner to paying bills.

But once you complete your tasks, it is important to switch out of doing mode and simply be in the moment.