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International Day of the Midwife

A message from Lea Fitcher

Tuesday 5th May marks ‘International Day of the Midwife’.

This is the community’s opportunity to celebrate the midwifery profession and for everyone at NMHPV to publicly recognise the important work undertaken by our Victorian midwives, and their contribution to maternal and newborn health.


Lea Fitcher (RM) joined our team in 2018 as a midwife counsellor. In this time, through her work supporting midwives and nurses who present to NMHPV for assistance, she has generously shared her decades knowledge and experience as a midwife with us, providing a greater understanding of what is expected and required of our midwifery colleagues each day.   


The video is a message from Lea to those thousands of dedicated midwifery professionals across Victoria. Thank you Lea and happy International Day of the Midwife!