Support for Victorian personal care workers within residential aged care and allied health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) has extended support to Victorian personal care workers within residential aged care and allied health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic using a brief intervention and referral model of care.

During these uncertain times, personal and professional responsibilities may have the potential to take a greater toll on our emotional health and wellbeing. It is natural and even commonplace at this time to experience a variety of thoughts and feelings, which may be unsettling.

If you or your colleagues are experiencing sustained periods of exhaustion, anxiety, anger or finding it overwhelming and difficult to process and make sense of things, now could be the time to contact NMHPV to share these feelings with a trusted professional and receive support and guidance on how best to manage this. No issue too big or too small.

Please reach out and call us on 9415 7551 between 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday or email admin@nmhp.org.au

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Personal Care Workers – You’re only Human – Support during COVID-19

Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) has partnered with the ANMF (Vic Branch) in the ‘I’m only human’ campaign. A personal care worker (PCW) has shared her experience about working within the COVID-19 pandemic in a new poster and video aimed at encouraging PCW’s to develop your own self-care plan and seek support with NMHPV.

“25 of the staff and almost all of the residents contracted COVID. It’s been very hard, very stressful.” – a personal care worker

The video message to PCW’s is that while you’ve been doing an amazing job working within COVID-19, you’re only human. The stress of working and living within a health pandemic has been ongoing for months – and long-term stress can have serious impacts on your physical and mental health.

Seeking out support and developing a self-care plan with the NMHPV before you hit crisis point is a practical approach to living and working within a health pandemic. It only takes a few minutes to complete NMHPV’s self-care survey and develop your own self-care plan to monitor and focus on your health and wellbeing. View the self-care plan

NMHPV is available to nurses, midwives, nursing and midwifery students, and personal care workers working in residential aged care during the COVID-19 pandemic. The service offers free, independent and confidential support and counselling. NMHPV is staffed mainly by mental health nurses and midwives with additional qualifications in counselling.


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