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NMHP Champion: Resources

NMHPV: A Presentation for Champions (November 2017)

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Mental Health Continuum Model

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NMHP Brochure

This is designed to be circulated to those in your organisation as a way of explaining the NMHP CHAMPION Program.

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Mental illness hurts our economy - it’s time companies got proactive

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Resilience Questionnaire

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Fatigue plays a significant role in the lives of so many nurses and midwives. Successfully managing fatigue will positively influence our health and wellbeing. We hope that you find the information contained here helpful. If your health is suffering due to fatigue, or any other factors, always seek professional support. The NMHP is very happy to help with sourcing this support.

Fatigue Management Presentation

Presented by John Knowles, OHS Consultant, Xchanging Healthcare and OHS Forum

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The period of transition from education to employment, which for many is done through a formal graduate program, poses many challenges for our recently qualified colleagues. The graduate nurse and midwife will experience a variety of feelings and emotions and as such will require the time, support and understanding of their experienced colleagues to ensure theirs is a successful transition. This article from the Australian College of Nursing June 2014, provides insights into what’s required to support our colleagues at this very demanding time. I’d encourage you to read this brief article and to share it with your colleagues.

Graduate Transition Programs: My Personal Experience

This article appears on page 10 of the publication

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NMHP Qualities & Attributes

A list of qualities and attributes of a NMHP CHAMPION.

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