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NMHPV Champion News

Over 100 more nurses, midwives and students have graduated as NMHPV Champions

On 20 October, 67 colleagues from 27 metropolitan health settings participated in our 1 day training in Melbourne and on 3 November, 34 colleagues from 14 regional health services joined us in Bendigo for the training. As result there are now over 500 nurses and midwives working across Victoria who have a greater awareness of the risk factors associated with working in the professions.

These Champions have been trained to identify colleagues in need of support, empowered to start the conversation where they see help may be required and advised on how the NMHPV can be engaged to assist everyone involved.

They have also been provided resource and support information, and simple self-care ideas and strategies to not only support themselves but those in their workplace, families and communities.

This recent group of newly graduated NMHPV Champions adds to the growing list of amazing colleagues who understand the importance of ‘caring for the carers’ and with the willingness to start the conversation and initiate very simple support strategies in their workplaces.

Thank you to all our NMHPV Champions across Victoria. We will announce our 2018 training dates in the new year.

Glenn Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

So how do you get involved?

Simply complete the online form to register your interest and we'll record your details and invite you to our next NMHPV Champion Training event.