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NMHPV Model of Care

We know that early intervention with substance use issues and mental health concerns increases the likelihood of positive outcomes.

The NMHP emphasises the importance of early presentation into the program and we encourage colleagues with potential or actual problems to refer themselves to our service.

The reality is, however, that some will be “assisted self-referrals” – that is, they will come to us voluntarily, but on the advice or encouragement of a professional colleague or manager. In some cases recommendations will be made by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

The NMHP conducts assessments, develops individual management plans and coordinates treatment, including the arrangement of appropriate referrals. We supervise aftercare and follow up and when required, support the participant's re-entry to work.

The management of these issues may require a range of therapeutic interventions and the appropriate expert assistance will be obtained in each individual case.

Advice and referral will also be provided to family members and where appropriate, work colleagues (if this support relates to a specific participant, the participants consent is required).

The program will assist in the development of a supportive social network, which may involve existing support groups in the general community or the opportunity to join the NMHP support groups if appropriate. These groups address participant's issues and provide them with peer support to meet the challenges of managing their health and careers.

We also provide advice and support to managers and HR staff seeking assistance to support our colleagues and develop processes to address these health concerns in the workplace.