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Become a Champion

Becoming a trained ‘NMHP Champion’ can be a great way to help colleagues in need of support as well as learning how to prevent illness and promote positive health in all aspects of your life.

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NMHP is a charitable organisation

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Nursing and Midwifery Health Program

A free, confidential and independent support service for nurses, midwives and nursing students in need of support with sensitive health issues related to their substance use and/or mental health impairment.

Designed and delivered by nurses for nurses, midwives and nursing students.

Conducts a Wellness Group that provides a safe place for nurses and midwives to share their challenges, receive peer support and seek professional advice.

Provides tailored workshops for graduates along with topics such as fatigue management, promoting resilience and enhancing work/life balance.

Provides employers with expert guidance, support and advice.

Client achievement

88% of participants who engaged in individual support, displayed a positive behaviour change, resulting in an improved health status at the time of their separation.

87% of participants who engaged with the NMHP were either supported to remain at work, returned to work or has a plan to return to work.

How clients heard about us

Between July 2015 to December 2015