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Your health matters

A 24/7 national support service for nurses and midwives providing access to confidential advice

and referral.

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Marriage Equality Debate

If you are a Victorian nurse, midwife or nursing /

midwifery student who is impacted, please make contact us now.  

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How to Refer to the NMHPV

We accept referrals from anyone associated with nurses, midwives and nursing/midwifery students. Visit our Referral Guide to find out how.

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Self Care Guide

Self care is self-love in action. In other words, it is the act of LOVINGLY taking care of yourself, not just rushing through a to do list of essentials for living.

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How to Practice Mindful Nursing

If you’re stuck in doing mode when you meet your first patient, you miss the opportunity to make a real connection. The present sails past.

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NMHP Champion Training

Over 100 more nurses, midwives and students have graduated as NMHP Champions. We now have over 500 nurses and midwives working across Victoria.

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Our Services

NMHP provides a free, confidential and independent support service for Victorian nurses, midwives and nursing students.

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