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Your health matters

A 24/7 national support service for nurses and midwives providing access to confidential advice

and referral.

Spotlight on Quality & Safety

NMHPV has a strong focus on quality and safety to ensure that the services and programs we provide are based on good practice and are safe.  


How to refer to the NMHPV

We accept referrals from anyone associated with nurses, midwives and nursing/midwifery students. Visit our Referral Guide page to find out how.

Our Climate, Our Health

The NMHPV supports the initiatives of the Campaign for a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being.

Family Violence

As a service focused on health and wellbeing, we are in a unique position to identify our colleagues at risk of family violence.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Research has shown nurses, midwives and students are likely to be at a greater risk of developing substance use concerns than the general community.

Mental Health

Each year the NMHPV supports many nurses, midwives and students with their presenting mental health concerns.

How to practice mindful nursing

If you’re stuck in doing mode when you meet your first patient, you miss the opportunity to make a real connection. The present sails past.